Saturday, January 31, 2015

Carry On Cocktail Kit

I love to travel but I find airplane flights so tedious. I appreciate anything that makes my inflight time more pleasant.

This adorable Carry On Cocktail Kit  provides everything you need to craft two delicious Old Fashioned cocktails mid-flight. Just add bourbon!

Kit Components:
- Carry On Tin - 3.125 in. (W) x 4.25 in. (H) x 1 in. (D)
- Recipe Card
- Spoon / Muddler
- Aromatic Bitters
- Cane Sugar
- Linen Coaster

And don't worry - this collaboration between W&P Design and Punch will make it through security without setting off alarms.



3D Printed Confections

The Sugar Lab makes 3D printing sweeter. They create architectural, intricate and utterly customized sweets--from cubes for your coffee to sugar skulls for absinthe or ornate cake toppers all made using ChefJet 3D printers.

Artist Is Drawing Every Branch Of Toronto's Public Libraries.

 All the libraries is artist Daniel Rotsztain's homage to the Toronto Public Library system. He is drawing  each of Toronto's 99 library branches.

Why has he taken on this project? Rotsztain explains that he is creating a record of a wide range of Toronto’s eclectic architecture, including styles that aren’t often documented or appreciated. 

In Spring 2015, Toronto Public Library will be opening its 100th branch in Scarborough Town Centre and Rotsztain will be there to draw it.

Here is a short video of the artist describing how he works.

Friday, January 30, 2015

NYC, 1981

In 1981, there were more than 120,000 reported robberies and 2166 murders in New York City. There were numerous rapes, assaults and gang violence. After years of increasing crime rates, it seemed unlikely in 1981 that New York would ever reverse course.

NYC, 1981 from Austin Peters on Vimeo.

NYC, 1981 is a documentary short created by A24 Films that explores one of the most statistically violent years in New York City’s history with the people who lived through it. The short was created to help promote the new film A Most Violent Year


Also: NYC,1981, a culture website inspired by the film A Most Violent Year.

Every Country's Highest Valued Export

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Which export makes your country the most money? Simran Khosla at Global Post used data from the CIA Factbook to label each country by its highest valued export.

Via: Mental Floss

Afghan War Rugs

Carpet-weavers have always been inspired by the familiar objects surrounding them. In the past flowers, birds and water jugs were woven into rugs. Then came war. During the ten-year Soviet occupation of Afghanistan 850,000-1.5 million civilians were killed and millions of Afghans fled to Pakistan and Iran. Tanks, helicopters, kalashnikovs and hand grenades became part of the everyday lives of Afghans and instruments of war  began to appear as rug patterns.

After the World Trade Centre attacks a controversial new carpet began to emerge for sale depicting the attack on the twin towers. The patterns of these rugs are copied from U.S. propaganda leaflets dropped from the air to explain to Afghanis the reason for the 2001 American invasion. Purchasers of these 9-11 rugs are often American servicemen and women who buy them in Afghanistan.

Kevin Sudeith, a New York City artist, sells war rugs online at his site 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How embargo turned Cuba into an island of hackers and DIY engineers

"In 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower slapped the first trade embargo on Cuba, and in 1961, just before leaving office, he broke off diplomatic relations. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the loss of oil imports, shortages got worse. The country lost about 80 percent of its imports, and the economy shrank by 34 percent. So Cubans learned to make do. When something breaks, they patch it up. When something doesn’t work, they fix it. And when something is altogether lost, they invent it. They grill meat on metal chairs. They seal the bottoms of cars, transforming them into boats. From the suffering of 30 years of isolation has sprung a generation of amateur engineers, inventors and welders."
A fan made from a boat propeller, an old washing machine motor and
welded steel rods in El Gabriel, Cuba. Photo by Edel Rodriguez.
A washing machine motor is used to power a key copier.
Photo by Ernesto Oroza.
The rikimbili, prohibited, but widely used in Cuba, is made of a bicycle
with a motor attached. Photo by Ernesto Oroza.

More: PBS NewsHour

Winter Storm Juno Dumps On Somerville, Massachusetts

The blizzard on January 26 dumped two feet of the white stuff on Somerville, MA. Boston University student Alyssa Pierson used her GoPro HERO4 to capture a time-lapse video.

Via Laughing Squid

Ronit Baranga's Creepy Ceramic Tableware

Israeli ceramicist Ronit Baranga's tableware incorporates realistic looking body parts but don't worry, they won't bite (at least I don't think they will).

Via: Colossal

Itty Bitty Brekky

Breakfast is ready? Good, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!

Via: Blog on a Toothpick