Thursday, August 27, 2015

Marigold Harvest in China

Farmers pick marigold in Minzu Village of Caohai Township of Weining County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, Aug. 2, 2015. There are 23,000 mu (about 1,533 hectares) of marigold fields in Weining County.

Photo taken on Aug 2,2015 shows marigold field at Modern Agricultural Park

Marigold species have been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs.

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A Tent That Can Help Millions

Abeer Seikaly, a Jordanian-Canadian architect, designer and artist, has designed a tent that collects rainwater, folds up for easy transport and collects solar energy. It has the potential to change many lives across the world by providing some of the basic human rights to displaced people: a home, water and energy.

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The Incredible World Of Cat Eyes

Philadelphia-based photographer Andrew Marttila’s macro photography allows us to see cats in a new way. Their eyes look like pieces of jewelry.


Dictionary Stories

Dictionary Stories is an interesting Tumblr project by Jez Burrows, composed of stories written entirely using example sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary, with nothing added except some punctuation to piece them together. The words that spawned each sentence are underlined.

The League of Ordinary GentlemenA retired teacher. A topiary gardener. An army officer of fairly high rank. A brilliant young mathematician. A highly esteemed scholar. President Kennedy. One of the great stars in the American golfing firmament. Detective Sergeant Fox. The Honorable Richard Morris Esquire, chief justice of the supreme court of our state. When you put these men together, you’re bound to get fireworks. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to interview every applicant.

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London's Covent Garden Filled With 100,000 White Balloons

French artist Charles P├ętillon has unveiled his first large-scale public art installation in London's Covent Garden Market Building. "Heartbeat" features 100,000 giant white balloons, stretches 54 metres in length and 12 metres in width and incorporates gentle pulsating white light to symbolize the beating of a heart and reflect the history, energy and dynamism of the district.

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