Friday, February 05, 2016

Buy A NYC Apartment For $50

Queens Museum of Art is selling prime NYC real estate. Single apartments are going for $50, houses for $250, and up to $1,000 for a small commercial building or low-rise apartment building. Alas you wont be able to live on your tiny property as it exists only on the Museum's detailed 9,335-square-foot panorama that was built for the 1964 World's Fair. You can even pick an exact address, which you'll note upon purchase. Funds raised will go towards maintenance of The Panorama of the City of New York.

Via Gothamist

Bus Company Reserves Every Front Seat To Honour Late Civil Rights Icon

Yesterday a bus company in Virginia took the opportunity to mark what would have been Rosa Parks’ 103rd birthday by reserving the front seat on all of its buses in her name. Electronic messages on the buses also displayed special messages to recall her actions.

Ms Parks is best known for her act of defiance on a Montgomery, bus on December 1 1955 that changed the course of history. On that date, Ms. Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.

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Translucent Whale Sculptures

"Samsara" is a Buddhist term for "cycle of existence" and is also the name of a project by Japanese artist Isana Yamada. It is composed of six translucent whales mounted on thin pedestals. The whales, illuminated from within, provide a window to strange worlds locked inside their resin-coated bodies: churning submarine volcanoes, fluffy white clouds, and even polar bear skeletons that float within.

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Now You Don't Have To Drink Alone

Developed by a South Korean inventor, Park Eun Chan, this may be the world’s first alcoholic robot.  Robot Drinky will clink glasses with you while you toss back shots or beers together. Best of all, when your booze is running low, you can raid your robo-friend’s glass stomach for a top up.


Right of Way

Joyce, my tortoiseshell cat, rules the roost chez Nag. She usurps Mr. Nag's seat by the fireplace if he gets up for a moment, stares down large dogs and when she wants to eat she says RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! and I hop to it. We all know that cats rule the internet and apparently they've also ruled the White House. Here's what happened when the world's most powerful elite had a showdown with  President Theodore Roosevelt's cat, Slippers:

"The man who found a way to make peace between Russia and Japan, did it quickly. With an amused bow, as if in apology to the Ambassadress, he escorted her around Slippers, and kept on his way toward the East Room. Whereupon the representatives of Great Britain, and of France, of Germany, and Italy, of all the great empires and of the little kingdoms clear down to the last on the long list, followed suit, paying their respects to Slippers quite as effectually as if the war-ships of their nations had thundered out a salute at an expenditure of powder that would have kept a poor man comfortable for a year, and certainly have scared even a White House cat almost to death."
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